Tattooed as Trouble (Vegas Vixens #3)


Reagan “Rae” Storm has led a turbulent life.  After being disowned by her family and shunned by the city, she finds herself thrown into the Witness Protection program after she witnesses a double murder.  However, she can’t assume a new identity until she testifies.  With little to look forward to, the last thing she expected was the sizzle that developed with Quin Bronson, U.S. Marshal.  For Bronson, this assignment was just another day at the office until multiple attempts are made on Rae’s life.  To keep her safe, he will go to all extremes to complete the mission, but he had no idea how to protect his heart or keep their smoldering relationship from bursting into flames.  Staying alive is imperative but saving their hearts is a whole other story.

This non-stop action adventure romance is filled with pulse-pounding excitement!  The execution of the action will keep readers on their toes and vested in the outcome.  Bronson’s character is painted vividly in order for the reader to appreciate his rugged good looks and honorable character.  Rae, however, is a mystery that is not quite complete, and her gullibility at times reads as if she were in an 80’s horror classic.  While slated as book three in this series, this is definitely a stand-alone installment that if read out of order does not appear to detract from the end result in this episode.  Readers will seek the beginning installments of this series if only to appreciate the building tension this author portrays vividly.

Jordyn Teel