Tarnished Romance

Sandi K.

Judy Stone becomes Judy Kalfus on her eighteenth birthday and heads west from Illinois, leaving her painful upbringing behind. She ends up in San Francisco by way of a woman who claimed could and would help her start a new life. What Judy didn't understand at the time was the price she’d have to pay - she was recruited as a high-end call girl. Judy was void of any love in her childhood so really, no emotion got in the way of her job. Once she loses her boss she goes out on her own. Means of survival leads her to carry on her career path, it’s all she knows and has done well for herself. She’s had to lie to people she cares about and when love finally finds her is she capable of loving back or will the deceit win out?


Ms. Whipple has created a fantastic heroine! Readers will be drawn into Judy’s story immediately and sympathies will run deep. The ebb and flow of her real chance at love is believable and has readers rooting for Bryce Stevens, the attorney that’s made a connection with Judy, or so he thinks. The loyalty portrayed by Judy’s few friends is a nice touch and keeps her character grounded. This story covers many topics and they are played out well, although the main story arc is not unique. Although there are some unsavory bits it’s thoughtfully written. Readers will surely enjoy this for a quick summer read!


Viola Robins