A Tangled Web – Blackwell Series, Book 1

A. Claire

Ian Blackwell needs a wife! Tired of being hounded by gossip mongers and paparazzi, he instructs his personal lawyer and best friend, Robert, to find him a wife agreeable to a marriage of convenience allowing him to continue his current playboy lifestyle. Robert believes he has found Ian’s match after meeting Tess Andrews. She is beautiful, intelligent, and not afraid of or impressed by the billionaire. Not one iota! For reasons only she’s aware of, Tess agrees to the contract marriage unaware her groom-to-be is actually Ian.  As the two grow close, they must learn to trust one another as they face off against a diabolical computer genius who’s created a tangled web spun to trap and destroy Ian Blackwell and his company.

“A Tangled Web” is a superb tale of suspense spun together with intelligent characters, corporate espionage, and closely held secrets that will catch readers from the very first page!  A. Claire Everward delivers a spine-tingling tale about two people who initially clash but slowly learn to trust each other. Readers will be able to feel the companionship and slow build of trust the two main characters experience. The secret from Tess’ past is told in such vivid and graphic detail readers will understand Ian’s rage while needing a box of tissues to deal with the heartache. It won’t be hard to fall in love with the tenderness and compassion displayed by Ian as he endeavors to show Tess she is worthy of love.  Ms. Everward spins a world rich with luxury, treachery, and romance that ensnares readers and holds them in her wonderful web of passion and espionage!

Tonya Mathenia