Taken - Arcadia, Book 2

Brock Jones

SCI-FI: Ethan Winter, heir apparent to Solaris Energy Company, arrives in Sulwith to tour the company's most profitable solar array field, meet union representatives, and notify townspeople how necessary changes will affect their lives. Sarwenna "Sar" Beren, as union rep, is determined to ensure the people who've entrusted her with their livelihoods aren't screwed over by corporate profit margins. Instantly thrust into a wary partnership when a young man runs into danger under the solar array field, Ethan and Sar fly off to his rescue and reveal a mass conspiracy. Putting aside their mistrust and revealing business and personal secrets, the two face death and heartbreak as they work to uncover the espionage to destabilize their planet's resources. Before the fatal plot succeeds, will they realize a chance on love must also be taken?

"Taken" is a luxuriant, eco-friendly, science fiction drama full of corporate greed and a dusting of romantic passion. Fast-paced action loaded with mysterious beams, crashing gliders, and ray gun blasters are deployed to distract from the slow-paced build up to an unlikely love affair built in spite of secrets and mistrust. The hero is given the duty of pulling readers through the story with his arc of self-discovery. Sadly, the heroine is relegated to constantly worrying if she measures up, taking care of everyone else's needs, and forgiving his mistakes. The brilliant landscapes found on this world and the havoc being inflicted upon it makes planet Arcadia a narrative standout. Secondary characters are eccentric, humorous, and compassionate. Mary Brock Jones delivers an advisory tale on natural resource abuse for profit with a romantic hero determined to save his world and his woman.

Tonya Mathenia