Struggling for Justice (Bantorus MC #6)


Natalie Oman’s husband murdered his brother and then committed suicide, leaving her a widow. She has a lot of personal baggage and issues to work through, not to mention that her remaining brother-in-law is convinced someone else murdered both of them. 


And that is what drives her right into Remmy Hollis’s arms. Remmy is a sexy biker who enjoys living life hard, wild and free, until he meets Natalie and starts to feel something more:  a need to protect her, no matter what. He wants to help her solve her personal issues, but when he finds out he’s connected to her ex-husband, and he played a role in the issues that haunt her today, he faces a challenge: should he tell her and risk ruining everything they have, or should he keep it a secret? 


Once one gets started, it’s almost impossible to put this book down! Although the "Struggling for Justice" is the sixth book in a series, it’s easy to follow the plot and to get a sense of the characters. Both characters are a little older than the usual hero and heroine of romance novels, but that makes them stand out, and all the more intriguing. They’re total opposites, but surprisingly, that works. 


Great writing, a fast-paced plot and overall, an engaging story!


Majanka Verstraete