Still Life (Randi Lassiter #1)


Private Investigator/Real Estate agent Randi Lassiter was just performing her normal night job: snapping pictures of cheating spouses at a local seedy motel, until she stumbled upon a mutilated corpse. Now the number one suspect, she has to convince  new Detective Jon Bricksen otherwise. Determined to prove herself innocent and also  solve the murder, Randi begins to uncover multiple details about the dead woman’s life. Annoyed with the intrusion into his case, but unexplainably attracted to the beautiful sleuth, Jon finds himself joining forces with Randi in more ways than one. Just as they presume they’ve cracked the case, more women begin to surface as victims. Can the two solve the mystery for good before another casualty arises?


Just as reader thinks they know “who did it,” they will find themselves to be kept guessing, as the author weaves twists and turns into the plot line until the very end! This novel has been thoroughly researched; one can easily search out the locations and discover their true-life locations. The author exquisitely demonstrates her talent with descriptions that produce rich and vibrant imagery. Readers will also discover amusingly blunt attributes that will make them laugh out loud. Great care is also taken to decode police and investigative jargon and the acronyms are well defined and fluidly written. While the author excels in keeping a reader on the edge of their seat with climactic suspense, some may feel abandoned as the ending fizzles out. Overall, Ms. Kennison is a wizard at combining suspense and character chemistry!


Stephanie Lodes