Steel (Trinity #3)


Amelia Solis has her business, friends, and wants revenge for the murder of her sister Nelly; these are what she lives for.  She has watched her two "soul sisters” marry, and move on to relationships featuring a closeness previously shared only with each other. She gets an overstuffed bodyguard determined to keep her alive when a threat is made on her life. Leandro is the second in command of the McLean crime family, and he knows that Amelia is part of the Trinity — a top New York cartel.  The enemies they share want to keep them apart permanently, but they are not going down with a fight.

J.L. Lora does not disappoint in this third novel of the Trinity series and the badass women that make it up. "Steel" is Mel’s story.  The characters all play off each other and create a three-dimensional background to Mel and Leo's story.  The great artistic writing unfolds the background information while showing the reader the depth behind the revenge that Bas is seeking against both Mel and Leo.  The dialogue is fitting for the characters — not for the weak — and the hot steam melts ice.  The conflict between the two is more because neither will talk to each other and tell how they feel or let themselves feel it, so it seems to come more out of misunderstanding because of the assumptions the characters make instead of talking. Murder, revenge and living on the wrong side of the law just got a whole lot sexier!

Laura Dinsdale