Stealing Atlanta

Cary Allen

“Stealing Atlanta” is a cybercrime caper following Brandyn “Woody” Wood and his band of thieves to the door of the ultimate score, the United States Federal Reserve. Set in Atlanta, Georgia, the impressive southern city becomes an additional character while the thieves (Woody, Smooth, Summer, MIsty, Crackhead, and Valeri) move through the Peach State’s capital making deals, plotting every last detail of their caper, and even finding time to celebrate and blow off steam. Brandyn struggles with the idea of leaving his life and his girlfriend Mai behind for the criminals’ “Fantasy Island” known as Freeland, but with their preparations complete and the deadline for the ultimate score closing in, Brandyn has to wonder if “Stealing Atlanta” was really worth it.

Initially, the story moved slowly, very clinical in its pacing, but once the plan solidified the story’s pace picked up. At times there was too much internal dialogue on the part of Woody, the main character, leading to waning interest for the reader. His personal strife and decision-making became the pattern until the other thieves took on bigger parts in the story. Once the groundwork for introducing the characters and the creation of a blueprint for the ultimate heist was formed, the true excitement of the novel began. As in most crime novels, laying the foundation can be dry, but the rest of the story did not disappoint. His vivid descriptions and lively characters makes this book well worth trying!

Amy Willis