Souls Entwined

Anne B.

TIME TRAVEL:  Gretta Dobbs is out for a nice run at the park when Sam Daggett notices her. His interest is to her benefit when a tree crashes down. Thinking fast, he tackles her, saving her life. But it is more than her life that time and space demand payment for in full.  The two are recruited to entwine their souls with two complete strangers in a different time to break an age old curse and save Gretta, and her forbearers, from an afterlife in purgatory.


This fantasy is rough to get into - possibly due to the preface which, although necessary as an intricate and explanatory part of the whole, may be more advantageous to read after a couple of chapters, almost as a flashback to another time and space. This novel is a rough ride until the reader settles into Ms. Cole’s writing style, a style that seems to head hop throughout the whole story - a method of storytelling that some readers may find unforgivable. Ms. Cole’s technique is done smoothly, and doesn’t always jar a reader from the tale. The reader will find this romantic tale clean and free from gratuitous sex and violence as well as mysterious, and packed with twists and turns right up to the end.


Shaunna Gonzales