Song Without Words

Juli Page

“My name’s Spencer Moretti, I do middays at Rock 107, and yes, I am number one in my time slot”.

Spencer is young and motivated with a passion for her work. She is a true rock and roll fan and one of her all-time favorites is Geoff Lane, famous guitarist from the UK band Axis. She did not realize he was in New Orleans at a concert of another artist until she was swept up with his entourage. This leads to her requesting an interview with him for her radio show that would really catapult her career. The one thing she did not anticipate was Geoff capturing her heart. The whirlwind romance is now surrounded with multiple murders of close friends who surround Spencer and Geoff. Are they next? Will they be able to have a life together in the rock and roll world they both love so much?  

Ms. Morgan rocks this one! The setting, which mostly takes place in New Orleans, is a great perspective of the U.S. tourist town. Set in 1982, the rock and roll music and the radio station playing vinyl are part of a great trip down memory lane. The romance is super-steamy and Spencer’s ‘spitfire’ personality is one readers will fall in love with. The fast-paced plot and the many plot twists that come with having a murderer on the loose keeps readers on their game and looking to solve whodunnit right along with the characters. The best surprise? Not many would guess correctly! This is a thoroughly enjoyable read that will leave one looking forward to more of Morgan’s works.

Julie Caicco