A Soldier’s Honor (Brandon’s Brigade Book 1)


After a rescue operation goes wrong, Navy SEAL Brandon Falcon only has one chance left to salvage his good name: rescue a medical missionary from rebel forces. This rescue mission doesn’t go as planned either, as Dr. Mira Phelps, the woman he’s supposed to save, is actually there for a reason — namely, to find the Blue Spider Orchid, which is rumored to have miraculous healing powers. 

Mira is quite a handful, and Brandon certainly is unprepared for a woman who is that feisty, rebellious and headstrong. Sparks fly between them, and their attraction is almost instant, but with rebel forces hunting them down, there is hardly any moment for romance. One second they settle down, then they are back to running, trying to escape their assailants, and one action scene blends seamlessly into the next. Reading this book feels like watching an action movie, and there is never a dull moment. 

All this action does mean that the romance is a bit contrived, though, and feels almost an afterthought, with the focus being predominantly on the action. Brandon and Mira have a lot of emotional depth, though, and each  of them is intriguing in their own way. Together, they shine, bringing out the best in one another. 

"A Soldier's Honor" is the first in a new series named after Brandon Falcon. If this book is any indication, Evelyn Timidaiski is an author sure to earn a spot on readers' "auto-buy" lists. The steamy romance and the emotional depth of her characters will keep readers intrigued. 

Majanka Verstraete