Slipping on Stardust


Eilene always believed there were bigger and better things in store for her -- and her marriage to the handsome young lawyer Dan Brockway was just the beginning.  Twenty years later, however, things are not so big.  She is still stuck in Johnson, Ohio, where the highlights of her life are her teenage son, Kyle, and being the star of the town's theatre productions.   All of that changes, however, with the arrival of a Hollywood star in their sleepy town.  He might be a "has-been", but Adrian Conway is the most exciting thing to happen to the Johnson theatre scene in years, and Eilene is determined to share in the limelight.  Her husband Dan is not so sure - he has his own problems at teh office to contend with, and that pot is about to boil over.

Small town antics, regional theatre, fame, lawyers, intrigue, scandal, and adolescent rebellion form the backdrop for Gordon Osmond's debut novel.  A patient reader (as this book can be difficult to read at times) will discover a novel rich with details, humor and larger than life characters.  With great word play and humorous quips, "Slipping on Stardust" is worth the time it takes!


Rose Mary Espinoza