Slenderman (The Rayburn Mysteries Book 3)


After her last case, Josephine ‘Jo’ Rayburn has been made a lieutenant. Her career and personal life are doing amazing. Life, however, decides to throw her a curve ball in the form of a serial killer who likes international travel. As she delves into the case, Jo makes the connection between this killer and the first murder she ever investigated. Jo finds her life becoming more and more complicated, especially planning the wedding that she wants while trying to catch a killer. It’s not going to be easy. Will Jo be able to catch the killer and get her man down the aisle? Or will she find herself the killer’s very next victim?

The action in “Slenderman” starts from the very first page, and it is obvious, even for first time readers, that Jo is a very headstrong character and a very independent woman. This raises questions as to whether a police officer would get away with some of the things that Jo does in the book, which is a little daunting. Nonetheless, the secondary characters are well portrayed, and the plotline is one that makes for a true page turner. The killer is unique and one that readers will remember. There are various points in the book which are filled with suspense and are truly on-the-edge-of-your-seat exhilarating. CeeRee Fields is great at building tension to a boiling point. Another great addition to a promising series!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick