Sleeping Mallows (The Water Street Chronicles Book 2)


Captain Savanna McCormick, a cadaver dog handler, is a wreck, and her partner Max knows it. How can he be expected to do his job, locating the missing, when she cannot do hers? Her therapist is concerned, and her younger brother Charlie needs her more than ever.  It has been a year since her parents’ unsolved disappearance, and Charlie is only now occasionally daring to speak again.  Not until a field trip to Washington D.C. is the full extent of Savanna’s brokenness understood.  With her desire for closure a pipe dream, Savanna must try to make sense of her purpose in life. Deputy Tim Whitaker’s winning streak may have come to an abrupt end. Solving Beth Pearse’s kidnapping case has the power to make or break his career ambitions. He will not be stymied, but he just needs the universe to send him a sign, a clue... anything but a beautiful police officer with a canine for a partner.

Tammera Cooper’s “Sleeping Mallows” is a delightfully refreshing murder mystery, with flashbacks to a time when the Underground Railroad was in full swing, traitors moved among us, and the power of love lasted beyond the centuries. She has artfully pieced together a story full of multidimensional characters. She sets the stage with vivid backdrops, pithy dialogue, and a plot that keeps the twists coming non-stop. This is the second book in her Water Street Chronicles series, and it is apparent early on that the first book in the series should be read to fully grasp the tale Ms. Cooper is weaving.

Ms. Cooper’s imagination, coupled with her storytelling, will delight fans, and no doubt earn her many more!

Kimberly Gunvaldson