Slaughtered - A Jack Slaughter Thriller


Former homicide detective Jack Slaughter didn’t just walk away from his former life – it was ripped from him three years ago when an intruder murdered his daughter and took his wife, Leah, leaving Jack with more questions than answers. Now working as a private detective on the seamy side of San Francisco, his business fuels his own personal investigation. Adding to this pressure, every three months, Jack receives an anonymous text, promising him the location of his missing wife – only to deliver a body instead.

A missing person’s case brings the investigation into sharp focus.  A serial killer, dubbed “The Butcher” by the police, is stalking the streets, leaving brutalized bodies in his wake. When the Butcher takes the wife of Jack’s best friend and former police partner, Jack will have to set aside the wreckage of his own life to save hers. But is he too late?

A cast of strong, individualized characters and an atmospheric narrative reminiscent of Dashiel Hammett gives Ms. Lugo’s new series a promising start. The author has done her research into San Francisco well, making the area come alive with grit and detail. Unfortunately, the story falters in the plotting: the various twists will be no surprise to the average mystery fan. This flaw is unfortunate, for in every other regard, “Slaughtered” is an entertaining emotional rollercoaster ride with a gritty new conflicted detective. 

Janice Martin