Silent Strike (Irish Garda Squad, Book 4)


When Detective Aiden Connor gets the call at zero-dark-thirty to head to a crime scene, he never expected to find a body in a fancy car in a run-down, abandoned gas station—let alone a famous politician who appears to have been shot point-blank. As Aiden and the crime scene squad turn up question after question over the inconsistencies at the crime scene and their findings back at the lab, Aiden knows the best person to pull in to help his investigation is Detective Jenna Darcy, an expert in cybercrimes. Jenna has had a thing for Aiden since she first met him several years before. She’s been hoping for the opportunity to work with him so she can prove she’s a grown woman deserving of his attention, not the kid he insists on calling her. As Aiden and Jenna dig deeper into the case, suspect upon suspect comes to the fore, and so do the detectives’ feelings for each other.

Holy smokes, folks, she’s done it again! Ms. Colt has written a tale that will grab readers’ attention from the beginning and leave them on tenterhooks as they work the investigation with Aiden and Jenna. The author’s mastery as a wordsmith will evoke so many feelings in the reader that they will be torn between putting down the book to get some sleep, or pulling an all-nighter to find out the truth! All of the characters, both evil and benign, are incredibly realistic and fully fleshed-out, making the tale even more enjoyable. Gripping and page-turningly fantastic from the very beginning, “Silent Strike” is not to be missed!

Piper Valentine