Shifting Sands

Kathi Oram

Gloryanna Griffin is a Marine Biology student in pursuit of a scholarship so she can finish her degree and pursue her dream of saving the ocean. But when she goes on a dive with her mentor and her ex-boyfriend, who is vying for the same scholarship, everything suddenly goes wrong. Gloryanna is swept into a vortex when her tank suddenly runs out of air. Jonathan Dawson was murdered years ago on the beach where she ends up. Together, Jonathan who has been stuck as a spirit, saving victims of the vortex on the beach for eighty years, and Gloryanna must work together to uncover who is trying to kill Gloryanna and what secrets they are trying to keep buried in the sea.

Filled with unexpected twists and turns, this unique tale will keep readers guessing in this hard to put down novel. Kathi Peterson has woven an historical romance with a modern romance in a terrific blend. Jonathan’s experience in the modern world lends humor as he encounters inventions he has never seen before. The character development is great as Gloryanna learns to trust Jonathan and builds confidence in herself. The supporting characters lend balance, with Gloryanna’s mom showing skepticism and support all at the same time. Jonathan’s dog Max is the perfect sidekick for the couple, with his supernatural gifts helping them escape precarious situations. Gloryanna and Jonathan have a terrific chemistry that builds as their relationship deepens – despite their inability to touch one another physically. Fans of mystery and romance alike won’t want to miss this expertly crafted tale!

Cara Cieslak