Shattered Blue

Jane Taylor
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Shane McKinnon is living a quiet life in New Mexico, but she’s a woman with a past. Five years previously, her step-father and step-brother had presided over one of the largest real estate scams ever instigated, bilking hundreds of people out of their life savings. The infamy and the intrusion of the press became too much for Shane to bear. After the trial, she ran from the shame of her family’s duplicity, changed her name, and tried to begin a new life far removed from her previous one. Shane is happily living alone and away from civilization, spending her days creating tapestries on her loom. She has a new neighbor, Matt Brennan, who is building a home too near to her own for her peace of mind. The handsome architect is showing quite a personal interest in Shane, throwing her quiet days into chaos. Unknown to either of them, Shane has picked up a stalker. Her step-brother Jordan has found her, and proceeds to make Shane’s life difficult as he plays mind games with her. Although Shane doesn’t know it yet, she has something Jordan wants; something he wants badly enough to kill for.

This is quite the enjoyable and impressive debut novel!  The book contains a good solid plot line, an entertaining and believable story, and a realistic romance. There were a couple of nice little twists to the story to keep the reader on their toes. The only real issues with the book came with the overused stalker trope, and the unnecessary ‘insta-love’ in Matt and Shane’s romance.  Despite a few small drawbacks, the story is a winner, leaving the reader satisfied and looking to more from Ms. Starwood in the future.

Faith Turner