In the Shadow of Malice

Nancy C.

Adam Black, formerly of the CIA, has found that while ‘dangerous’ is the word most would use to describe his life, there are those he values far more. Words like ‘comfort’ or ‘love’. Or, one that could replace those two for him-‘Calista’. She’s a musician, with a life as different from his as it gets. By chance, she is with him when everything starts crumbling down around him - his former lover and friend are killed and his daughter, traumatized, isn’t speaking. She is, however communicating with him by thought. 

Adam is reluctant to bring Calista into the tangle of secrets and old enemies, but it seems he has little choice in the matter. He is also in the need of allies, and who better than family? They might not know he’s family, but, well, it may be time.

From the very first page, action and adventure make this a fast-paced, hold-onto-your-seat-who-knows-what’s-coming-next read! Unfortunately, this novel also suffers from the “Romantic Suspense curse”. Attempting a good suspense plot and a well-crafted romance but failing to meld both to satisfaction. Here, the romance aspect is definitely overshadowed by the aforementioned thrilling action and adventure. Also, Calista falls short of being a character in her own right. She appears to be swept away by everything that happens. Adam is definitely intriguing, as is his duty and privilege as the tortured hero. Overall it’s the suspense that saves the day as excitement is guaranteed! Scout’s honor! 

Mimi Smith