In the Shadow of Greed

Nancy C.

Dr. Sarah Tu knew there was something wrong with the formula her company was working on. She hated to disappoint her sister Hanna, but she just couldn’t leave work for their vacation. When Hanna’s friends come to pick her up she decides to stay behind and wait for Sarah. Then the unimaginable happens - someone breaks into Hanna’s home and savagely attacks her. Sarah is in shock and no one seems to know why this has happened. FBI Agent Jason McNeil is assigned Hanna’s case, and shares a connection with her that he doesn't really understand.  Although she is in a coma, he hears her voice in his head, telling him to protect her sister. As Jason and Sarah try to sort out what happened to Hanna, someone starts shooting at them. Jason thinks it has to do with one of his investigations. But then Sarah’s lab is blown up and she narrowly escapes. Suddenly everything becomes dangerously clear, and Sarah’s work may cost them all their lives.

Nancy Weeks leads the reader on a suspense-filled chase where Jason and Sarah are just one step ahead of their stalkers. However, it is unclear if Hannah’s attack and death has anything to do with the rest of the story except to bring Jason and Sarah together. The expertly penned portrayal of Sarah, her scientific mind and then her connection to her sister and her reliance on Jason draws the reader in and wraps one’s emotions around her, investing their very nails in her well being! The author takes a criminal investigation and seamlessly marries it with the spiritual voice of Hannah, making this a thriller to remember!


Rose Mary Espinoza