Shadow of Doubt


Kate Dexter is on medical leave due to work related injury. She had misjudged and caught a bullet in her collarbone — good timing to go help her sister pack up their parents' farm. When leaving late one evening she hits a man who was standing in the road. There’s a storm brewing and downed trees are now blocking the road. She is forced to return with the injured man back to the farm and have her sister assist until more help arrives. Beaten and shot, the man was left for dead. The cop in her needs to get to the bottom of it. Her sister insists on turning him in. He pleads for no cops and no hospital. Will his story pan out or dig Kate deeper in trouble?

Two cops wanted by the law on both sides of the border are running for their lives — hold on, it's going to be a wild ride! "Shadow of Doubt" keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Kate decides to believe her mystery man and aid in his run for survival. Jonas is a dark, closed-off man who has many layers to his persona. The cat and mouse chase will keep readers fully engaged and unable to put the book down. Every scene digs the two main characters deeper into trouble. The supporting characters round out the story and make this a superior thriller. The scenes drawn in both Canada and the US give readers a front row seat. Kudos to Ms. Poitevin for creating a wonderful piece of fiction that will transport readers on a wild ride!

Viola Robins