Shadow Dance


Jenna Mullein is a single mother of twins who, after her mother dies, is left with a once prosperous but now dilapidated farm, two rebellious brothers, and a very dangerous neighbor who will go to any extreme to get her land.  However, she can’t forget her mother’s dying plea to keep the house out of “his” hands.  Problem is, with so many people muddying the truth Jenna can’t get the answers she needs to keep her promise.


 As things grow increasing deadly, Jenna must enlist the help of property developer Gabriel Callahan to uncover the truth and help keep her babies safe.  Gabriel is the no-nonsense type with a caring side that both endears and worries Jenna.  What does he want out of this arrangement?  His love of her children scares her, as does his refusal to speak of his past.


What starts as a rollicking good romance quickly grows into an engrossing mystery/suspense!  Ms. Wine keeps the reader engaged and enthralled as the tension, both sexual and suspenseful rises.  There are times the use of Australian slang is frustrating for non-native readers and Jenna shows some confusing character flops when she is described as a fiery, independent woman yet allows every decision be made by Gabriel.  Still, the small flaws are soon lost to the top-notch storytelling as the reader races to find the villain and discover just what Jenna’s happily-ever-after will be!


Ruth Lynn Ritter