Severed Relations (Finn O'Brien/Cori Anderson Thriller) (Volume 1)


Finn O’Brien has had a rough road. Although charged with murdering a fellow officer, he has recently been cleared of all charges. However, the road has just gotten rougher. A nanny and two children are murdered and he and his old partner, Cori Anderson are tasked with finding the murderers. Cori is pretty much the only one who will work beside Finn, all the other officers want him to fail, blaming him for the death of a fellow officer, guilty or not. Together Finn and Cori must follow the trail of bodies to uncover who is responsible for such a horrific crime. Catching murderers might be the easy part, dealing with hidden feelings and traumas of the past may be even harder. Will Finn and Cori’s working relationship and friendship survive, or will it be severed forever?


Ms. Forster sure knows her way around a thrilling tale! This book has so many twists and turns that one will need to pay attention to every word in order to keep up! Finn has a lot of baggage, but he is a wonderful character, and his little bit of Irish accent adds the perfect sigh-worthy touch. Cori is an amazing friend, sticking beside Finn no matter what. Readers will find themselves rooting for Finn and Cori to be more than just friends. The story is a page turner that deftly draws one in and doesn’t let go until the villain is discovered. And, the ending will be a shocker! Sit down, and hold on tight for this wild ride!


Lynne Bryant