Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Grace Daniels is hiding out. After her sister Julianna is beaten and left comatose, Grace takes on the responsibility of caring for her sister's four children. Vowing to keep them safe from the clutches of their father, she seeks respite at the home of a friend.

For Love & Bourbon

Lucky Fox whiskey is one of the finest in Kentucky. The Brannon family is proud of their Irish family recipe and has created a must-visit destination for whiskey lovers. Ava Brannon is committed to upholding the family tradition and the family name.

Grayson Holmes is member of Britain's MI6 and has landed in Boston to be a guest lecturer for his great uncle's class. He is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes and graciously accepted the invitation to speak.

When Frank “Jammer” Davis is called in to investigate a downed plane in Colombia, he believes it will be like any normal investigative job - until he’s told that his only child was listed on the same flight manifest.

Fated Hearts

Henley Elliott has a past she can’t seem to outrun.  Leaving her family and psychiatry practice she strikes out traveling the country with only her personal belongings in tow until her car breaks down in a sleepy Minnesota town.  Sheriff Carter McAlister has his own share of scars - both emotional and physical - but he can’t seem to figure Henley out, nor all the mysterious happenings that take