Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

For firefighter Sean Grayson, things are going haywire.  After being told to evacuate a building where fire is raging, he discovers a little boy still trapped in the inferno.  As he makes his way to the t

The saying “in the wrong place, at the wrong time” is a fact for Madison Sinclair. Taking her BFF’s place to photograph a charity event for well-known billionaire Vance Goldston couldn’t have been a bigger mistake.

Reagan “Rae” Storm has led a turbulent life.  After being disowned by her family and shunned by the city, she finds herself thrown into the Witness Protection program after she witnesses a double murder.  However, she can’t assum


Maddi Brooks likes her routine; it's predictable and doesn't open her up to having relationships with anyone. She likes spending her time making jewelry and selling it with the occasional run for exercise.

Kierra needs closure and decides it's time to return to a place she once called home - a small town in Southern Illinois, where ten years earlier her world turned upside down. At the age of sixteen Kierra was left all alone.