Serve ‘N’ Protect


Cassidy Morgan is a freelance accountant that was recently left with limited mobility after a terrible car accident. Soon after the accident, her fiancé left her due to her disability and she was left to deal with the trauma alone, swearing she would never let anyone break her heart again. Until one day she hears barking from her neighbor’s house leading her to find Markus York, a U.S. Secret Service K-9 Officer, laying on the ground nearly unconscious after an accident. He has been living under a false identity while his team works to find the man that attacked him and killed another. Together, Cassidy and Markus learn to lean on each other and accept help from each other as they both deal with hardship.

 “Serve ‘N’ Protect” is an intense story from start to finish that is full of mystery, action, and romance. The book introduces us to Markus York and his K-9 in a way that grabs the reader and forces their attention on his backstory. The romance and tension between Cassidy and Markus are incredibly well-written. They have a pure and realistic connection that slowly develops throughout the novel. Both characters have troubled history that affects how they interact with each other, and it was beautiful to see a relationship that isn’t picture perfect. Many hints are dropped early in the novel to help the reader deduce who is responsible for the incidents involving Cassidy, but it is done in a way that there is still shock when the culprit is finally caught. Overall, this novel elicits raw emotion and sprinkles in important concepts such as sexuality and disability.

Sadie Wilson