Secure Again: A Chase Group Story


Elizabeth Reed has buried herself in her work as a surgeon after a past filled with heartbreak. It is her job to do whatever she can for patients, no matter who they are. She starts to suspect some prisoner abuse at the local jail. Soon a police officer named Austen Bailey comes with gunshot wounds. She knows who he is and saves his life. He is the brother of her long lost love, Martin Bailey. They were separated but she never stopped loving him. Martin Bailey didn’t know it was Elizabeth's parents who had prevented her from being with him. CEO of Chase Security International, he too is suspicious as patients and doctors are being hurt or killed. They need to work together to see if this is connected to the prisoner abuse suspicions.

This medical thriller is terrifying and brings genuine concern for the main characters! The best part is that readers don’t know who is good, who is evil, or who will betray someone. There is mystery, adventure, suspense, and romance all rolled into this story. This is an edge-of-your-seat tale since the characters are in constant danger. There is quite the cast of characters; in fact, there are so many that it is difficult to keep track of them all. The story switches from all different points-of-view and is not always a smooth transition. There is also an occasional grammatical error. However, it is obvious that so much research went into this story, with all the medical terms and medical law. It is fascinating to read about all the surgical procedures! Overall, this thriller is a powerhouse of suspense!

Amanda Hupe