The Secret of Sunrise Mountain (Sunrise Mountain Series)

John Richard

HISTORICAL/WESTERN:  Joe Mack and ranch foreman, Richardo Sanchez, are almost killed in a cattle stampede caused by a silver drone flying through the herd. Reluctantly, Joe reports the incident to Sheriff Cody Warner. Cody has a grudge against him, so Joe expects nothing from the sheriff. The drone is part of a secret spy plane project. The head of security, Major Charles Donald, will stop at nothing, including murder, to get what he wants. He wants the silver mine on Joe’s property and is determined to get it. He is illegally using the drone to scout for the mine. After Joe tells his son Robbie about the problem with the stampedes, they devise a way to capture the drone. Then Joe secretes the drone away. This leads to an all-out war with Major Donald and his goons. Will Joe and his loved ones make it out of this unscathed?

“The Secret of Sunrise Mountain” is action-packed from the first page. With a plethora of characters, Mr. Marsh skillfully writes each as an individual with their own voice and personality. An exceptional work, it engages the reader on the emotional level with the reader avidly hoping for a hideous end to Major Charles Donald. The list of characters in the beginning is a nice touch; the reader knows who everyone is and their relationships. Unfortunately, Mr. Marsh continues to emphasize this by rehashing it throughout the story. There are many grammatical errors, followed by missing words which interrupts the flow of an otherwise excellent story. A unique account, “The Secret of Sunrise Mountain” gives the real feel of working on a ranch. 

Belinda Wilson