Secret Relations


Finn O’Brien is a recently divorced Los Angeles police detective. As a distraction, he agrees to help his partner’s daughter, Amber, find her new boyfriend who hasn’t checked in to work and isn’t answering his cell phone. Although Finn’s case load is heavy, and a recent raid on a house taken over by a local gang is sucking a lot of his energy, he cannot say no. Finn and his partner, Cori, have a good working relation, but when she learns that he is asking questions and showing her daughter’s photo around, she goes on the war path. Finn and Amber get various leads on other young Hispanic males missing from their day-labor jobs. As the number of missing mounts, fear of a serial killer becomes all too real.

“Secret Relations” explores the topic of undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles at a sensitive time. Ms. Forster does a beautiful job shedding light on all sidesof this sensitive topic. Most immigrants are compassionately portrayed as hard-working people who want a better life and are supporting their families. The killer and his agenda are well written, and it takes until the end to understand his motives and why he's so determined to do his work. The hero is well portrayed. His personal woes along with his aiding of others makes him a likable guy, although readers may feel like they’re just scratching the surface of Finn. The supporting characters are also well drawn and add extra emotional dimension to this insightful suspense thriller. Though this story stands alone, reading the other books in this series may shed more light on detective Finn O’Brien.  Overall, "Secret Relations" is a great suspense with a touch of heart!

Viola Robins