Second Sight

Patricia D.

Dax Holloway, former special forces, has overcome so many odds to be where he is now. Blinded by a cleaning solution while being tortured by the Taliban, he tries to hide his scars and his demons behind his private investigation company, Second Sight in Boston. Evianna Archer, creator of a home device that will quite possibly change the world, hires Dax’s company for help when a disgruntled ex-employee turns violent mere days before their program is set to launch. As Dax and Evianna work together to unravel why she’s being stalked, they uncover a plot that could put both of their lives at risk. Despite his instance that he can’t be loved, Evianna breaks through Dax’s tough exterior and discovers the lonely, broken man that deserves all the love that she has to offer.

Patricia D. Eddy creates a fantastic novel with characters that are so realistic they’re akin to a breath of fresh air. With all the physical and emotional trauma that Dax endures, one can’t help but have a large soft spot for him. The turmoil he goes through is so traumatic and realistic that it will make the reader emotional at times. The passion that steadily builds between Evianna and Dax is completely genuine and heartwarming. Despite their different physical and emotional scars, they come together and become each other’s strength. The plot of this novel is intense with many twists, and the pace never lets up! Ms. Eddy weaves a wonderful tale, wrought with so much suspense, pain, and passion the reader will be left wanting more when it ends!

Jen Griffin