Second Look

Julie Coulter

A dangerous terrorist has escaped from prison, which brings Abby, an investigator, together with Nate, a task force agent. The pair develops an instantaneous connection, and Nate hopes they can work together. However, evidence soon surfaces, which suggests Abby is in league with the terrorists, tainting her loyalties. Nate, however, secretly believes Abby is trustworthy, but he also thinks she could be in real danger. Is Abby an undercover agent or has she gone rogue?  With the CIA breathing down their necks, the threat of a terrorist attack looming, and countless lives hanging in the balance, it’s the ultimate race against time for Nate and Abby… 

Whoa! Fasten your seatbelts folks! This high-octane romantic suspense novel is packed with non-stop action and suspense!!  Nate is a fantastic hero, and Abby is a very strong female lead. This story is an edgy page turner, with the emphasis more on the terrorist plot, placing the romantic elements in a low-key zone. This is much more realistic, and one appreciates the author’s refusal to add unnecessary and highly implausible sexual contact.  The story, as riveting as it is, could still use more dialogue and could be a little more descriptive. This novel may be a bit too brief for such a complex plot and large number of characters, leaving out too many details. However, “Second look” still packs a punch and is perfect for one with a tight reading schedule.  The brisk pace, the likeable characters and the intensity of the plot makes this story a quick, highly suspenseful thrill ride and will leave romantic suspense fans begging for more!

Julie Whiteley