Second Chance (Griffin Force #5)

Julie Coulter

Libya is a war-torn country struggling for peace, but Atwah, terrorist extraordinaire, is determined to take advantage of the people. Griffin Force is a military force that is tracking Atwah, the world’s most wanted terrorist, to Libya. Atwah knows everyone on their team but Augie, the computer tech, who volunteers to go on the mission as he is unknown to the terrorist, with help of Rian, a boy whom their Libyan contact sends along to infiltrate his lair. Augie is very suspicious of Rian and does not trust him as he knows Rian is hiding something. Will Augie be able to alert Griffin Force that this mission is turning out to be bigger than they imagined, and stop the deadly plans of a terrorist in time?

“Second Chance” is an action pact military thriller that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat and wanting more! The constant nail-biting action and suspense throughout the story does not let up until the very end. Julie Coulter Bellon has created some likeable - and unlikeable – characters, especially Rian and Augie. The author did a great job in describing Rian’s life and what she had to do to survive. The description of Libya was incredibly believable, and the author portrayed the life and dangers the people faced every day with authenticity and compassion. “Second Chance” is Book 5 in the Griffin Force series which can be read as a stand-alone, although the reader should read the series from the beginning to have a better understanding of the characters and previous stories. Be aware of the cliffhanger that will leave one desperate for more!  

Victoria Zumbrum