SEAL of Silence - Hearts of Valor #5

Dixie Lee

MILITARY SUSPENSE: A few years after returning home from an eight month harrowing POW experience in Syria,  Jade McDowell is surprised when she comes face-to-face with the man she was forced to give up for national security reasons. James “Coop” Cooper can't believe the woman he believed dead didn't care enough to inform him she was alive! After recovering from the devastation of her loss, Coop goes in with some of his ex-Navy Seal buddies in a private security business. During his undercover assignment in a vigilante group, he realizes Jade and her family are in danger. Can he get over her betrayal to protect her? Will Jade let her secret continue to keep them apart? 

"Seal of Silence" is an intense, action-packed, rollercoaster tale of espionage, trauma, and a second chance at love! Covert cover-ups and undying love are put to the test when two ex-military lovers re-unite. Their passion is hot enough to burn. The plot is filled with suspense, intrigue, and thrilling action. Their world is depicted with such detail readers will feel part of the story. There are triggering descriptions of sexual assault and brutality that may put some readers off; however they aren’t gratuitous and are what may be the expected experiences of a female POW. The threatening anonymity of a powerful enemy (or enemies) intent on causing havoc and eliminating Jade and Coop is an enthralling rush of who can it be that will keep readers on pins and needles while trying to determine who the dangerous culprit could be! Ms. Brown doesn’t pull any punches in her tale of valor, danger, and a love that transcends the devastation of loss.

Tonya Mathenia