Saving Grace

D. M.

PSYCHOLOGICAL:  Grace Pierrepointe Rendell, the billionaire heiress, long-suffering wife, devoted mom, and 40 year old patient diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, decides to wean herself off the multitude of prescribed medications that leave her in a listless fog. As her mind becomes clear, she determines her husband's so-called attentiveness is a smoke screen for a murderous plot to kill her for her inheritance. Realizing she can't rely on those closest to her to believe she’s in danger, she has an epiphany to write a novel mirroring her life and her husband's scheme. She enlists the help of another author, Lynn Andrews, to mentor and assist her to write, edit, and self-publish her novel. When Lynn is murdered, Grace becomes suspect number one!

D. M. Barr delivers a mind twisting, gut wrenching, psychotic thriller in “Saving Grace”! The twists and turns of suspense take readers on a bumpy ride down dark pathways of paranoia, treachery, and greed. The main character weaves in and out of confidence, clarity, self-doubt and anger so well that readers will undoubtedly recognize themselves throughout her journey. The flawed secondary characters she recruits to save her and solve her friend’s murder bounce off the page with humor, chivalry, and compassion. Her family is brilliantly portrayed as insidious counterparts determined to keep her under their control for devious and selfish reasons. The plot, with hints of romance, mainly spotlights the intricacies of trying to take control of one’s sanity and live life on one’s own terms. Ms. Barr’s storytelling is a master class of Oooh! Whee! delight ensuring her fans, old and new, a “just-one-more-chapter” reading experience they will not soon forget!

Tonya Mathenia