Saving Euphoria (Euphoria Series Book 2)


When her husband dies under very mysterious circumstances, Hailey Langley and her kids need to find some way to deal with their grief. It’s not going well. Her son, being a teenager, rebels, and she has to deal with her own health issues. When her old partner from the Special Crimes Agency turns up and warns her about trusting people, she doesn’t know what to do. Tom Parker has his own issues to deal with. Couple that with his feelings for Hailey, and he’s in a bit of a sticky situation. As secrets are revealed, Hailey must decide whether to risk everything on being with Tom. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles threatening to keep them apart?

C. Becker has penned a good mystery novel with a gripping plot that will keep readers turning the pages! The relationship between Hailey and Tom is awesome, and there is the will/they or won’t/they interplay which keeps going, building suspense until the very end. Coupled with the mystery of Mark’s death, this story is one mystery fans of the genre are sure to enjoy. What makes this novel a little different is that it incorporates the difficulties which Hailey faces as a single mother while trying to deal with the sudden and mysterious death of her husband. It has a very real-world feel, with issues that people will be able to relate to. A brilliant addition to the “Euphoria” series! It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick