Savage Roads (Where Griffons Feed)


Marco is an old man, but when a gold investment project goes awry, he’s the one they call.  The gold is in the Congo, and Marco has to put together a team to get it out of the country.  His Russian friend Michel is always by his side, but they need more help.  With just a little bit of luck, they find the people they need for this dangerous mission, each with something to gain, but just as much to lose.  The world they are entering is a dangerous one, and plays by its own set of rules.  Can Marco pull off a miracle one last time?  And then there’s Nixe, the gorgeous French woman who’s assigned to protect him until he leaves, but becomes so much more.   Will he come back, and what does the future hold for them?   He and Michel plan meticulously, and count on the kindness of strangers, the power of the dollar, and the carelessness of their enemies.  


This tale will surely keep readers turning the pages!  The descriptions of life in Africa, and the tribulations faced by its people are particularly riveting.  The novel itself is rather wordy, and tends to get bogged down in dialog and descriptions and the text would have benefited from editing to eliminate the occasional misspelling.  The characters are appealing, pulling the reader into their harrowing adventure.   While the ending is predictable, Marco and his cronies will take readers into the deepest parts of Africa in this exciting modern day adventure!


Victoria Z. Burg