Savage Deception (Book One)


Nickie Savage, aka Nicole Monticello, has a painful past that she deals with every day as she continues to look for answers to many questions from her youth.  Dealing with constant night terrors are a reminder that she did not have the regular upbringing that most girls do. Her affluent parents are estranged, and Nickie grew up with a foster family.  They raised her and gave her comfort after returning from months in captivity as part of a large human sex-trafficking group. Her experience leads her to work in law enforcement and her inside knowledge helps her and others find a way out to a better life. Duncan Reed, artist and former military man, also has a large part in making her life better and aids in her well-being and detective work.

“Savage Deception” is a suspense-filled drama with many twists and turns. The heroine and hero make an unstoppable duo and readers will enjoy them from the very beginning. The back story is slowly revealed in small amounts that leave readers wanting more information sooner and some areas of Nickie’s past are not fully revealed, leaving readers unsure of what transpired prior to the beginning of the novel. This is stated as book one, but the history between the two main characters is not explained thoroughly. The tempo of the story is deftly written and keeps readers engaged to the end. This story is nicely concluded and shares possibilities of future adventures for Nickie and Duncan.

Julie Caicco