Sapphire Pavilion

David E.

Steve Stilwell is working on building his law practice with the addition of a new associate Casey, when his former Navy JAG Corps buddy Ric Stokes is arrested in Vietnam for drug possession. Knowing his friend has been framed, Steve travels to Ho Chi Minh City, hoping to find the truth, and stumbles feet first into the same conspiracy that trapped his friend and got another killed. With a beautiful American businesswoman attempting to seduce her way into his case, mysterious thugs following him around town, and others following Casey as she interviews the family of the dead man back home, freeing his friend from prison becomes more difficult by the day. As his investigation leads to a downed Vietnam War plane, and a possible CIA cover up, it will take a little luck and even more determination to uncover the truth and save his friend.


A nonstop thriller, this second addition to the “Steve Stilwell Thriller” can be read in order or as a standalone work. With minimal romance, but tons of action and conspiracy to unravel, readers will find themselves fully entrenched in the story. Despite some jarring moments when the point of view changes between Steve and Casey and throws off the timeline, and the predictability of some of the plot events, the background behind the characters is solid providing room for more development in the next book. Overall, lovers of contemporary thrillers should give this book a try.


Sarah E Bradley