Run, River, Run - The James Gang

C. F.

River has known unspeakable tragedy and the feeling of helplessness it causes, so when her almost hermit-like life on Sanibel Island is disturbed by an assault near the sea, she's determined to find and face the culprit to reclaim control of her life. Witnessing the attack, Kevin comes to her rescue and is instantly attracted, and oddly compelled to provide protection - even after she refuses help and disappears. He enlists aid from his friends in the James Gang to use their particular set of skills to help find River, and then to investigate why she has become a target. Knowing their lives are on different tracks, River and Kevin must decide if their feelings are just a quick sprint of lust due to intense circumstances, or a long marathon leading to everlasting love. 

An enthralling tale mixed with tragedy, treachery, and triumph, "Run, River, Run" delivers goosebumps of both the suspenseful and sensuous kind! Readers will be engaged from the heart-pounding beginning through all the twists and turns of a complex and thrilling plot. The characters’ chemistry is so intense it leaps from the page. The loyal comradery and protective nature of the “gang” reads like a warm security blanket readers will want to wrap up in. This exhilarating tale is so engrossing, readers will swear they feel the sultry island breezes as well as the emotions stirred by the diabolical attacks of the villains hiding behind masks of terror. C. F. Francis has once again used her incredible storytelling skills to deliver suspense and romance in an unforgettable tale about two people in a race from danger to the finish line of love!

Tonya Mathenia