Ruby Red

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Ruby McNeill is an undercover CIA agent who has been working for a year to take down Russian mobster Juri Nolvak and his organization. As Juri’s personal assistant and accountant, she’s very close to gaining his trust and working the really important business transactions to gain the proof she needs. However, sixteen girls have disappeared from uptown Manhattan and it’s assumed Nolvak has taken them for his human trafficking ring. In addition to this crime, intel indicates the money from the trafficking is being used to fund a terrorist group called Jaguar. Time has run out for Ruby to gain Juri’s trust, so the stakes have to be upped.
Special Agent Chase Montgomery is with Forced Intelligence of the United World or F.I.U.W. and he’s being brought in to help Ruby take down Juri before the girls are lost forever into the black hole that is human trafficking and Jaguar gets the funds it needs to bring about world destruction. The sexual attraction between Ruby and Chase is intense and immediate. Will they be able to stay focused and get the job done?
This well-written book has a tight plot, interesting characters and a ticking clock. Time is running out, the villains are really villainous, the suspense keeps the reader on edge and the sexual tension between Ruby and Chase heats the reader up with it’s sizzle! If the characters could have focused a bit more on the dangerousness of the mission and less on their animal attraction this story would have been at the very top of the class!
Carol Conley