Revenge Never Rests

Tallie Brown was raised by a woman with mental health problems who was not very loving or affectionate toward her. Instead, she was taught from a very young age how to track people. Now as a young woman herself, Tallie specializes in finding missing people. Her life is upended when she receives an Amber Alert and is the first person to respond to the call. Tracking the missing person quickly takes Tallie down a dark path of discovering who her father really is, and shortly after this discovery, her father, General Cai Kaswell, goes missing. On the hunt to find her father, Tallie finds herself risking her life, as well her friend's lives, as they uncover a manipulative plot that threatens the entire world.
“Revenge Never Rests” is an emotional story about a relationship that was lost and then rediscovered. Ms. Lewis does a great job capturing sentimental moments between the characters. However, the first half of the book is very slow-paced and a bit difficult to get through. The character development is insufficient and readers may find it tough to connect with them. Nonetheless, the second half of the book does pick up the pace quite a lot, and makes for a very fast-paced and action-packed ending. Ms. Lewis is also very descriptive in her writing. The reader will feel as if they are a part of the scenes within the story. “Revenge Never Rests” is a thrilling book filled with tender moments between family and friends that will make readers misty-eyed.
Jennifer Shepherd