Revelation: A Thriller


Wyland University graduate Harden Campbell wakes up on a dirt floor in a cell, beaten and cold. The only things in the room with him are a table and chair, a typewriter and the dead body of his best friend. He knows nothing of how he got there or why - that is, until he looks more closely at the ream of blank paper. On the top page there is one sentence: "Tell me a story”. With just a few words, that one sentence reveals the identity of his captor - his former roommate, Wiley "Coyote". Harden knows if he doesn’t write out his story, he won’t make it out of his cell alive.

Gritty, intense and not for the faint at heart, "Revelation" is just that! Carter Wilson is a master of suspense and Harden's gullibility makes him somewhat unlikeable; however, he has to be to in order to star in this tale. What grabs one’s attention is the fact that this could very easily happen to anyone in today's society. Scary indeed! "Coyote" is the definition of a psycho, charismatic and charming…sucking people into his web easily. This novel grabs the reader by the throat, becoming tighter and tighter as the story progresses making breathing difficult and fast page-turning a must. There are twists and turns galore, and the grip doesn’t lighten up until the very end. Wow, Mr. Wilson.  Kudos to you, sir!

Lynne Bryant