Revealed in Mist (A Game of Mist and Shadow Book 1)


HISTORICAL:  After spending one wonderful night together, Prue and David are caught up in a web of murder, blackmail, and deceit. When Prue is arrested for a murder she did not commit, David comes to her rescue. Now, they must work together in order to find the real villain. Will the secrets in their own pasts thwart their investigation and set their relationship adrift? Will Prue and David be able to work together or will they push each other away in order to protect their hearts from loss and disappointment? 


“Revealed in Mist” places a unique twist on a plot that will be familiar to readers of historical romances. It is accurate to the time period and is written in a believable manner, although it begins in a rather strange place. This could be confusing for readers but evens out toward the middle of the story. Unfortunately Ms. Knight’s characters, although interesting in and of themselves, lack true depth. They tend to jumble together with so many players in the mix. Background information occasionally bogs down the manuscript but there are also several spots where the book seems to rush through scenes. The dialogue and narrative work well together and they do not disturb the plot or the flow of the book. A solid start to a new historical romance series!


Mary-Nancy Smith