The Reliant

Dr. Patrick

CHRISTIAN:  In a small town in Ohio, chaos reigns; the economy has collapsed and the town has erupted in looting, rioting, and murder. The children of Dr. and Mrs. Ashcroft have lived a relatively safe and contented life with their parents and the word of God. They are now confronted by hatred and evil. The father decides to pack up and leave for a safer place for his family, only to have four armed men confront him and his family as they are leaving, killing the father and pet dog. The children run deep into the forest for safety, not knowing what has happened to their mother. Sophie, the nineteen year old daughter, is now charged with caring, feeding, clothing, and protecting her brothers and sisters.

From the beginning of the book the reader is thrust into a world gone crazy. Although the premise of the story is interesting, plausible, and action-packed, by the end of the third chapter readers will notice several problems:  first, the book needs editing, second, it is difficult to like Sophie, the main character. She is self-righteous even though it is her actions that are responsible for her siblings being in the situation they now find themselves.  The oldest brother, Jimmy is obnoxious and constantly challenges Sophie’s authority.  As for structure, the story moves slowly, bogged down with their sanctimonious attitude toward others. One of the positives is that two of the children, Joey, and Anna Lee, have more common sense than the older siblings they depend upon.

L. Kane