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Whitney is an investigative reporter, and she's good at her job.  When her ex-husband brings a top secret human cloning project to her attention and is immediately killed, she knows he was on to something real.  The case brings her up against Blake, a man she thinks is the head of security at the nefarious lab that houses the only known human clone, a three year old girl.  But Blake is actually an undercover FBI agent who is nearing the end of his year-long assignment trying to take down the rich mastermind and murderer behind the cloning project.

This debut novel was action packed from page one, literally filled with page turning suspense and edge of your seat moments.  The author has a natural talent for writing intense scenes, and she truly shines telling Whitney and Blake's story.  This isn't a mystery...more of a nail biting ride that will leave the reader wondering just how many knocks this couple can take while trying to rescue their young victim and bring a killer to justice.  Whitney and Blake are each professionally driven, but their attraction to each other is evident in their every move. Blake is arrogant, but that arrogance is knocked back a bit when he comes up against this intriguing woman. Another proud man falls to love! There are a few inconsistencies such as using tapes instead of discs...this is a very high tech novel, after all. More elaboration of the visual aspects would have brought the reader inside the story a bit more.  But overall, this was an impressively laid out, passionate thrill ride!  Hopefully we will see more of Whitney Steel.


Nicole Duke