Redemption (Fateful Justice #2)


In a world where fate is not fair, but justice and true love are certain, Irish actor Lash Brogan has finally accepted a leading role again — but someone doesn’t want the movie to be made and accidents and deaths plague the set. While the appearance of an intriguing woman has thrown his world off balance, Lash intends to see the making of the movie through to the end, no matter the consequences. 

This intriguing plot is full of twists and turns with strong characters that easily capture the reader's attention and keep them hanging on the edge of their seats. The romance element is spaced throughout the story in such a way that it is almost an afterthought to the main plot element. The relationship between Lash and his love interest is adequate and has a satisfying conclusion, but the danger and the thrills have an anti-climactic feel to them once things are all said and done.  Readers may find the beginning of the book a bit confusing due to the back-to-back thoughts of different characters. It takes a bit of reading to get a grasp of who’s who and their places in the story, especially if one has not read the first book in the “Fateful Justice” series where the characters and their connections were established.  While readers may have a better reading experience if they have read the first book, “Redemption” can be read as a standalone. Once the story gets going, the reader will be completely caught up in the story and unable to put it down.

E.L. Hurley