The Rebel's Redemption (Wounded Hearts Book 2)


Life is good for Annie Campbell.  She’s dating the sheriff, owns a craft store, and is raising her young son in the mountain town of Tidal Falls. However, life takes a turn when Jared Martin returns to Tidal Falls. Bitter and disillusioned after eight years in the military, he now learns he’s a father. When an old enemy follows him to Tidal Falls, Jared finds himself faced with protecting the woman he loves and the son he never knew. Can Jared overcome the odds or will it be too late?

“The Rebel's Redemption” is the second book in the Wounded Hearts series.  While it can stand alone, there are aspects which seem missing and will have readers wondering about the previous installment.  The returned missing father figure storyline isn’t drawn out enough, and has Jared jumping from jaded military man to protector who figures out he’s a father, much too quickly. In addition, the old enemy plot, which is a little hazy with an inadequate explanation of the previous slight, along with the insufficient background as to the change of Annie’s status from the girl next door to single mother, leaves the reader somewhat puzzled.

Like many other series, this story has more than one plot line woven within that will surely leap into the next installment.  Caution is offered due to the subplot of undercover work, which appears to have originated in the first book, in that it is somewhat violent in aggression toward women.  This installment delivers a happily-ever-after for the current lead players.

Roberta Gordon