Ready or Dead (Anika Washington 0.5)


Federal Orphan Anika Washington has been given a second chance. Recruited by U.N.I.T., United Nations Intelligence Trust, she is finally offered the opportunity to belong. Armed with her combat and weapons training and guided by a set of extraordinary instincts, Anika stands out from the rest of the Level Zero recruits, employing tactics during training scenarios which highlight her ability to think outside the box. When handsome Level Two operative Gianni Brambillo takes notice of her skill set, he chooses Anika to be his partner during a dangerous, highly-classified mission…but does her gorgeous commanding officer see more in Anika than merely a fellow U.N.I.T. soldier, as she hopes? 


Readers will feel as though they’ve been whisked away on their own secret mission while engrossed in this short, but perfect, read! Ms. Kavanaugh proves that you don’t need sex to create sexy with the perfect mix of romance she brings to her story—the intimate embrace during a dance or the passion exuded by a stolen kiss can intoxicate as fully. The research behind the technical and tactical details is translated flawlessly and the dialogue as natural and engaging as real life conversation. The pacing and elements of plot are served to the reader like a perfectly-shaken martini in the form of an exceptionally well-written, well-edited narrative. Even though the tale is brief in length, adequate backstory and depth provided to the characters will keep the reader emotionally invested as Anika undertakes her first mission. The author’s writing style and attention to detail will leave her fans begging for more!


Claudette Melanson