At the Ready: Global Security Unlimited 3


Micki Press is a young woman trying to make it big in one of the most well-known Chicago law firms. She does everything by the book; however, Micki’s world is anything but easy.  Micki thinks her ex-lover is out of the picture, but she realizes he is back when she gets weird text messages and phone calls from him. With this happening, JL Martin, who is the head of his security company—WatchDog Inc. jumps in to protect Micki from her new stalker. Meanwhile, Micki and JL grow closer. They realize their feelings for each other reach way beyond the ideal ‘friends’ stage. With the high demands of Micki’s job and JL’s company, along with their complex backgrounds, will Micki and JL’s relationship end in turmoil and disappointment? Or will their love for one another be enough for them to pull through and see how much they are meant for each other, no matter what the circumstances or obstacles that may land in their way?

“At the Ready” is the third tale within this series, but with the author’s background of the characters, the reader is shown enough to where they could read this book as a standalone. Sharon Michalove makes this story an easy read by explaining what the characters are saying when speaking a different language. That way no one gets lost in the middle of the story. JL and Micki’s love for one another is shown through each page, keeping just enough romance to not take over the action of the story. Sharon Michalove is a writer of the ages, not only with her quit wit, but also the connection she portrays between JL and Micki so readers are able to feel the heat penetrating from each page. Readers will not be disappointed if they are looking for a love affair with some twists thrown in! An excellent read!

Stephanie Bell