Ransom (Tip of the Spear Book 3)

Mossad Agent Cyrus Hassani recently saved his wife and young daughter and is now enjoying several weeks' leave of absence, when the phone rings. It is his boss recalling him on urgent business. One of their agents, Aryeh, has turned up missing and with him is a king’s ransom in diamonds. Aryeh is trying to get his nephew, Gideon Reise, released from Hezbollah. Hezbollah intends on detonating a bomb to cause an electromagnetic pulse over America and Israel destroying all electrical devices. Cyrus is taking over Aryeh’s team of Nira, Daniel, and Ash. Their mission: stop Hezbollah from detonating the bomb. In the meantime, French spy Zara Zayani, Aryeh’s lover, is recruited by Aryeh to negotiate a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hezbollah in order to get Gideon returned.

“Ransom” is an intriguing story filled with lusty romance, treachery, and terrorism.  An intricate plot keeps the reader anxiously waiting what will happen next. It is the third in a series, however, and can be difficult to follow unless the previous books have been read. Each character is addressed by more than one moniker and there are so many people involved in in story it is hard to keep up with them all. Stretches of the story are also muddied because it is difficult to determine who is speaking. And, the majority of the account is narrative with little dialogue.  Scenes progressed slowly and are not compelling because they tend to drag. Still Zara, Cyrus, and Aryeh are well-written with depth and are very sympathetic characters. The world building and situation depicted are so realistic as to be terrifying. For those who have been following their journey, this installment will probably be a welcome addition!

Belinda Wilson